National Private Pilots Licence – Microlight

The Minimum Requirements are:

  • Total Minimum time 25 hours for an unrestricted licence
  • 10 hours must be solo, 3 of which are cross country
  • 2 x Qualifying cross country flights of 40 nautical miles
  • Pass a Skills Test

A restricted license is initially a solo flying license with weather and distance limitations. These can be removed on completion of the unrestricted license training.

In addition to flying training the student pilot must also learn a number of ground school subjects

. With a multiple choice exam paper on each of these subjects.

  • Aviation Law
  • Aviation Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Aircraft Technical
  • Human Perfomance Limitations

Medical requirments

Self certification on the Civil Aviation Authority  website, if you are fit to drive you are fit to fly, or a Class 2 medical carried out by a CAA approved Medical examiner.

Age and Weight Restrictions

Authority from a parent or guardian is required for those under 17 years of age. Solo flying cannot be undertaken until a student is 16. The weight limit for a flight in our aircraft is 90 kg.